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Fines for Illegal Short-term Rentals in Paris Jump Ten-fold in 2017

Your Money

This year has seen authorities dish out more than ten times as many fines to rogue landlords as they did last year, as the war on illegal short-term rentals in Paris continues. 

Paris 2024 Olympics: What Effect will it have on Property in the Capital?

Market Trends

It recently emerged that the French capital will host the Olympics in eight years after LA pulled out of the race. What effect on property prices will Paris 2024 have? 

From October, All Airbnb Hosts in Paris Will Need to Register Their Property

In Law

All Airbnb hosts in Paris will soon have to register their property with local authorities to use the platform. The new law aims to ensure no one can flout the 120-day limit as set by the Alur laws in 2014.

Which of the French Presidential Candidates Properties is Worth the Most on Airbnb?

Architecture & Landmarks

A huge variety of professions and backgrounds was seen among the French presidential candidates who contested Sunday’s first round of voting. Is their short-term rental earnings potential as varied?

Airbnb in France: Platform will now Collect Holiday Tax from Users in 50 Cities

In Law

Until now, Airbnb in France has only levied the taxe de sejour – holiday tax – on those making bookings in Paris. All this will change from May 1 when the tax will be extended to 50 major cities.

Airbnb in Paris Authorities’ Crosshairs: 12,000 new Hotel Rooms Planned

Market Trends

With the possibility of hosting the 2024 Olympics in mind, the city hall is taking steps to combat the spread of Airbnb in Paris. The head of tourism is aiming to encourage developers to add 12,000 between now and then.

Airbnb in Paris: Platform Proposes 120-day Limit on Rentals

In Law

Airbnb in Paris has is never far from controversy and scrutiny. In a recent attempt to curry favour with authorities as they further clamp down on its activity, the platform has promised to limit activity to 120 days in the year, to be in line with the Alur laws.

Rent Caps in Paris Not Entirely Behind Slow Growth in Rents, Study Says

In Law

A study at the end of January by two major instigators of the rent caps in Paris has concluded that the city’s slowed rent growth might also be down to a law from 2012. In related news, an unintended consequence of the rent controls has become clearer.

Where You Should Buy Property in France in 2017: Economic and Legal Landscape

Your Money

French property had a bumper year in 2016. Prices finally grew nationwide after years of falls, and the outlook for this year remains positive. When looking to buy property in France in 2017, where and for what should you look for?

French Rental Market Sees Improvement in 2016

Market Stats

After rents fell 1% across the nation in 2015, this year has seen a much improved rental market. With the bulk of France’s major cities’ rent growth outstripping inflation this time around, the country’s rents have increased by 1.1% in the first 10 months of 2016.


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