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A Tour de France’s Property Prices Along this year’s Route


As the world’s most famous long-distance cycling competition takes place, we take you on a Tour de France’s property prices along this year’s route. 

As it currently stands the Brit Chris Froome is in pole position to take home the spoils as he keeps his yellow jersey at stage 16. Were he to suddenly call it quits, dismount his bike, and pop into the local estate agents for some well-earned perusing of nearby property prices, what would he find?

Prices a fraction of Paris’ along the bulk of the route, for one thing. The following map shows the existing apartment prices in the major towns that this year’s Tour de France is serving. Starting in Dusseldorf and passing through Belgium, Vittel (€1,020/m2) was the first stop in France.


Troyes, the second major French city cyclists passed through © Flickr

After a detour to Troyes (€1,258/m2), riders then went south, passing through the Pyrenees and with it Dole, Les Rousses, Nantua and Chambery (€1,160-2,307/m2). From there, cyclists flew over to the west, starting at Perigueux (€1,429/m2) and straddling the Spanish border at Saint-Girons and Foix (€1,071 & €1,269/m2).

Stage 16 saw them pass Romans-sur-Isere in the Midi-Pyrenees region, from where they will make their way to the Cote d’Azur. There, Salon-de-Provence (€2,111/m2) and Marseille (€2,464/m2) will play grateful hosts.

Property prices along the Tour de France route

From Marseille, cyclists will be whisked by aeroplane to Montgeron (€3,846/m2) just outside Paris, where the last stage will see a sprint to the finish line. Meilleursagents currently have a price/m2 for the capital of €8,796, though several other market observatories claim the €9,000 threshold has been breached.

If purchasing power is more of interest, this map shows how much floor space you could acquire with a 20-year loan requiring €1,000 a month to service. In Saint-Girons, the most affordable town that riders will pass through, a 187m2 house or apartment would be within reach, while your purchasing power in Paris would only get you a 23m2 apartment. Barely big enough to store a bike.

image © Wikicommons


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