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Paris Real Estate: Who is buying?

Paris Who is Buying

In 2011, the most recent year with statistics available, just over half of the apartments sold in Paris were bought by unmarried individuals. A quarter of the sales went to couples without children; the remaining 25% to couples with one child or more.

The Paris real estate buyer profile has not changed significantly in the last decade, except that families with 2 or more children now account for only 10% of the buyer pool, down from 16% ten years earlier. The Ile de France Housing Information Agency (Adil 75), who released these figures, explains that larger families are more likely to buy outside the city limits because they are priced out of the market for larger apartments in the capital. According to their figures, the average cost of a Paris apartment has gone up 2.8 times over the last 10 years. Financing is far more widely available and at unprecedented low rates, which has helped younger buyers to enter the market more readily than in the past. The average age of a Paris buyer in 2011 was 32, slightly younger than the national average of 34.

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